“Seeing” Pete

FaceTime is a great thing!
I remember the first time I heard about a video phone, it was the 90’s, our neighbors grandson lived in California and they were in New Jersey. They had a monitor, sort of the size of a computer screen (an actual desktop computer, not a handheld device). There was a program that allowed them to use their home phone to dial across the country and connect to the monitor so they could see their grandson as they spoke to him. I imagine it was a very expensive system at the time, especially because there had to be a camera on the other end.
Today we have Skype and FaceTime that most of us can use right on our phones.
I stood in NYC today outside of the theatre I was working at and spoke via video to Pete who is in Edmonton, Canada… And didn’t pay anything extra to do it!
Of course sometimes the cellular towers have interference but the fact that this type of video communication has evolved from when I first heard about it is incredible!
I’m so grateful for having this feature on our phones!
I think the longest distance I’ve ever used a video chat was when I was working on a cruise ship and I was in the middle of the ocean on Easter Sunday one year and I got to “see” all of my family who were gathered together in NJ.
What was the longest distance you were from a friend or loved one on a video call?

Notes to Canada

Pete left for the Mötley Crüe tour in Canada last week. The tour touches the US but majority of the dates are in Canada.
I know some of the days are going to be tough without him, (a few already were) but I’ve been working a lot and have a big to-do list to take care of before his return.
The morning he was leaving, as he headed to the bathroom I snuck some post it notes into various spots in his two bags! Most of the time he doesn’t mention to me that he found them so I get a little bummed but I know it makes his heart flutter when he does find them! 😃
He caught me off guard this time and left a card on the counter where we put each days mail. I found it when I returned home from work and of course I cried!
Hopefully I’ll be productive while he’s away and the time will fly by!

Apps for communication

A friend of mine told me about the app Viber when my husband, Pete and I got the iPhone last year. He just recently went on a business trip to Canada and we were worried about the cell phone bill we’d rack up. He had wifi in the shop he was working in as well as the hotel and was able to call me using wifi and Viber! The updated technology makes it so much easier on both of us financially and emotionally- we are grateful! Hopefully it will continue to work well as the tour he’s on moves throughout Canada in the next month or so. It’s really great that we can use it to text also! With the type of jobs we both work sometimes texting is just so much easier! And we find cute ways to say I love you too 🙂

I hear there is another app similar called Whatsapp? Haven’t tried that one but we may download it as a backup.

Have you used any of these apps?

Birth of Love Notes

I have a passion for writing! Since I was young I liked to write whether it be creatively, in a personal journal, or even a book report for school.

For some time now I’ve thought about starting a blog and posting some of my thoughts and writing for others to read. I hope it will be as enjoyable for many to read as it is for me to create.

My husband, Pete is a lighting guy in the entertainment field and travels alot with different bands and shows. We met on the road in 2008 and became friends almost immediately! Our strong friendship turned into more and from the early days of our relationship I used to leave him “notes” on a post-it on his work box or even in his luggage, sometimes it was on the cold beer I left next to his shower bag for after a load-out.

“Love Notes From Home” is being created with those post-it notes in mind. I hope that my husband, his family who live in different states from us and even my family and friends who are close by will enjoy the stories and notes that we create throughout our “Life Tour”.