Birth of Love Notes

I have a passion for writing! Since I was young I liked to write whether it be creatively, in a personal journal, or even a book report for school.

For some time now I’ve thought about starting a blog and posting some of my thoughts and writing for others to read. I hope it will be as enjoyable for many to read as it is for me to create.

My husband, Pete is a lighting guy in the entertainment field and travels alot with different bands and shows. We met on the road in 2008 and became friends almost immediately! Our strong friendship turned into more and from the early days of our relationship I used to leave him “notes” on a post-it on his work box or even in his luggage, sometimes it was on the cold beer I left next to his shower bag for after a load-out.

“Love Notes From Home” is being created with those post-it notes in mind. I hope that my husband, his family who live in different states from us and even my family and friends who are close by will enjoy the stories and notes that we create throughout our “Life Tour”.

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