Notes to Canada

Pete left for the Mötley Crüe tour in Canada last week. The tour touches the US but majority of the dates are in Canada.
I know some of the days are going to be tough without him, (a few already were) but I’ve been working a lot and have a big to-do list to take care of before his return.
The morning he was leaving, as he headed to the bathroom I snuck some post it notes into various spots in his two bags! Most of the time he doesn’t mention to me that he found them so I get a little bummed but I know it makes his heart flutter when he does find them! 😃
He caught me off guard this time and left a card on the counter where we put each days mail. I found it when I returned home from work and of course I cried!
Hopefully I’ll be productive while he’s away and the time will fly by!

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