Learning From Children

I don’t have any children of my own yet but I am often surrounded by young children. I am an Auntie to four, 1 girl and 3 boys. Each time I am near kids I am reminded that we as adults can learn so much from them!

One of my nephews is three years old and I had the opportunity to spend some time with him the other day at the playground!

He was very kind to the children around him in the sandbox. He wanted to hoard all the toys but once he was asked by his mom to share he didn’t put up a fight.

  • Lesson 1: Sometimes we don’t want to share our toys but it’s best if we do! It makes everyone happy!

Occasionally one of the kids fell down, but they got back up, wiped off their hands and knees and kept going!

  • Lesson 2: When you fall down, sometimes the surface is soft and cushy and other times it’s cement but you need to pick yourself up and brush off and keep going!

My nephew loves to wave at the garbage men when they pick up the trash and recycling each week. He says he wants to be a garbage man when he grows up. (I hear they make good money and I certainly hope so, since they deal with all the dirty garbage we make.)

  • Lesson 3: Don’t be ashamed to have dreams! & Dream Big!

As soon as children can speak they want to know what all the answers are. My niece is a very curious bug. Everything she sees she wants to know what it is and what it does. Most of the time if she asks me what something is, I tell her and she is content and goes about her way.

  • Lesson 4: Live a worry free live and be curious!

My other nephew who is almost 11 weeks old and is very dependent on the people around him. And really children at this age don’t care who it is that feeds, changes, or even holds them as long as it all happens. He cries and adults have to figure out what he needs. But he cries… 

  • Lesson 5: Do not bottle up your emotions! Let people know how you feel and accept the help or support they are offering…

I need to remember these few lessons and continue to be strong and carefree as I stroll through life!

I look forward to learning more from my beautiful niece and nephews!



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