On The Road Again …

My hubby is off again on tour…

This time it was a little harder to sneak some post-its with inspiring words into his bag… I did and hopefully he’ll smile when he sees them!
I’ve started putting some treats in his bag like swedish fish or sour patch kids with a note on them! 🙂

Unfortunately he had to leave on his birthday this time around. We did however have time to celebrate before he left. I made him some of his favorite cupcakes last weekend and we had some family over and he picked spaghetti for dinner (super easy but he’s a simple man).

He’ll miss most of the summer at home with this tour and we don’t yet have plans for me to visit him on the road, but who knows maybe there will be a spur of the moment trip 🙂

He got me back this time around… as I crawled into bed last night there was a card under my pillow! It was a cute one that made me laugh!


I told him that I thought him leaving often would get easier, but it doesn’t. Pete told me that maybe that’s a good thing… it shows how much we care about one another and the time apart is a challenge to make us stronger!

I’m hoping to complete some projects throughout the summer while he’s away. I’ve seen some people create a “summer bucketlist” maybe I’ll have to do that and see how much I can accomplish before he returns!



Sometimes there are days are weeks that don’t go as we planned… but they go nonetheless.

Pete and I have had a few crazy months with things happening in our lives… more on that in the future.

The way we get over the hurdles is to spend time together doing just about anything. The weather has been quite rainy the last few weeks so that wasn’t helping our moods. The other day though was a beautiful sunny day.

We decided to take the dogs for a walk in the field nearby. It was a day after a big rain storm and the sky was as blue as can be, hardly any clouds.

Sometimes I think we should do more unique things together, especially when I hear about other couples going places and experiencing life in a different way.

This week we did find a Food Truck that we just had to hunt down and get some yummy food! IMG_1420

Serving New Orleans style food in NJ! Found another way back to Pete’s roots! 🙂

Most of the time when he’s home in between gigs it goes so quickly and before we know it he’s packing to head back on the road. This time we tried to plan for the future but still live in today.

Hopefully things will settle out soon and when he comes back from this tour we will have a new set of experiences to adjust to!


A Walk In The Field On A Sunny Day–Definitely brightened our moods!


Birthday Weekend!

Yes I said “weekend”… somewhere along the way birthday’s have become “marathon” in our family. You don’t just get one day, you get as many as it takes to celebrate with as many people as you can. 

Pete and I are lucky that we have our birthdays in the same month and so basically celebrating the entire month of June! 🙂 The past few years he has been home for my birthday but away with work for his so we have had some joint celebrations.

This past weekend I worked Friday night but we both had off on Saturday and we began summertime birthday festivities! My brother and sister-in-law had their annual KOC (Summer Kick-Off Classic). It had rained all day Friday but cleared up enough for us to hang out outside, drink some Malibu Baybreeze’s, and hang with family and friends.

This was the 10th Annual KOC and was quite different from the 1st in that there were many children in attendance now… there weren’t too many of us that did not have an ankle biters with us… I guess we missed the memo that bringing a rugrat was a requirement this year (usually it’s bring a yummy treat or some booze). Either way, it was a great pre-birthday gathering, lots of laughs and good food and drinks! 

Sunday I had a bridal shower for a friend of mine and then I had work in the evening. The Tony Awards were Sunday night so the energy at the theatre was high! It was kind of great to be around so many theatrical people with the hype of the awards. I figured if I couldn’t be “at” the Tony’s the next best place was to be backstage “calling” a Broadway show! 

My husband surprised me with a red velvet cupcake (my favorite) at midnight when I got home from work… afterall it was midnight and officially my birthday! 🙂 


More rain all day Monday, but that meant I just got to relax for most of the day! My hubby made me breakfast and we just hung out! That night I got to call the show again… I couldn’t have asked for a better birthday! 

I know there will be some more celebrations, especially because I made cupcakes for my hubby today… I mean we should sing with a birthday candle when we eat each one shouldn’t we? 

Cheers to the rest of June going as well as the birthday weekend! 

Crawfish Festival

IMG_1310Who knew there were so many “rebels” in northern New Jersey?

I certainly didn’t… IMG_1317

My husband was born in Louisiana and every now and again he likes to go back to his roots. Of course we can’t always physically go to Louisiana but this past weekend Cajun Creole Country came to us!

Tokens for Beer! It was a hot day and we needed a treat to cool us down!         IMG_1313

We had some pretty yummy food!

IMG_1318← Alligator Sausage ↓


IMG_1341Crawfish Ettoufee

Then we got to watch the process of boiling crawfish! I have never seen something like this before!  It was really neat to watch.


It came off a truck from Louisiana in what looked like a potato sack. The guys cleaned them quickly, dumped them into 50 Gallon garbage cans and then those were dumped into the boiler. Once they came out of the boiler they were scooped into to-go food containers to sell !

IMG_1334IMG_1324 IMG_1333

The festival wasn’t just about the good eats from Cajun Country, there were three different stages that had bands performing throughout the day. It was a great day, not too hot, and just before the rain storm so it was a little cloudy with a nice breeze.

Pete wouldn’t dance with me but we enjoyed watching others dance to some zydeco and cajun music!

There were lots of families enjoying the festival and we hope to bring our children to the festival someday to show them their daddy’s roots! 🙂