Crawfish Festival

IMG_1310Who knew there were so many “rebels” in northern New Jersey?

I certainly didn’t… IMG_1317

My husband was born in Louisiana and every now and again he likes to go back to his roots. Of course we can’t always physically go to Louisiana but this past weekend Cajun Creole Country came to us!

Tokens for Beer! It was a hot day and we needed a treat to cool us down!         IMG_1313

We had some pretty yummy food!

IMG_1318← Alligator Sausage ↓


IMG_1341Crawfish Ettoufee

Then we got to watch the process of boiling crawfish! I have never seen something like this before!  It was really neat to watch.


It came off a truck from Louisiana in what looked like a potato sack. The guys cleaned them quickly, dumped them into 50 Gallon garbage cans and then those were dumped into the boiler. Once they came out of the boiler they were scooped into to-go food containers to sell !

IMG_1334IMG_1324 IMG_1333

The festival wasn’t just about the good eats from Cajun Country, there were three different stages that had bands performing throughout the day. It was a great day, not too hot, and just before the rain storm so it was a little cloudy with a nice breeze.

Pete wouldn’t dance with me but we enjoyed watching others dance to some zydeco and cajun music!

There were lots of families enjoying the festival and we hope to bring our children to the festival someday to show them their daddy’s roots! 🙂

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