Sometimes there are days are weeks that don’t go as we planned… but they go nonetheless.

Pete and I have had a few crazy months with things happening in our lives… more on that in the future.

The way we get over the hurdles is to spend time together doing just about anything. The weather has been quite rainy the last few weeks so that wasn’t helping our moods. The other day though was a beautiful sunny day.

We decided to take the dogs for a walk in the field nearby. It was a day after a big rain storm and the sky was as blue as can be, hardly any clouds.

Sometimes I think we should do more unique things together, especially when I hear about other couples going places and experiencing life in a different way.

This week we did find a Food Truck that we just had to hunt down and get some yummy food! IMG_1420

Serving New Orleans style food in NJ! Found another way back to Pete’s roots! 🙂

Most of the time when he’s home in between gigs it goes so quickly and before we know it he’s packing to head back on the road. This time we tried to plan for the future but still live in today.

Hopefully things will settle out soon and when he comes back from this tour we will have a new set of experiences to adjust to!


A Walk In The Field On A Sunny Day–Definitely brightened our moods!


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