On The Road Again …

My hubby is off again on tour…

This time it was a little harder to sneak some post-its with inspiring words into his bag… I did and hopefully he’ll smile when he sees them!
I’ve started putting some treats in his bag like swedish fish or sour patch kids with a note on them! 🙂

Unfortunately he had to leave on his birthday this time around. We did however have time to celebrate before he left. I made him some of his favorite cupcakes last weekend and we had some family over and he picked spaghetti for dinner (super easy but he’s a simple man).

He’ll miss most of the summer at home with this tour and we don’t yet have plans for me to visit him on the road, but who knows maybe there will be a spur of the moment trip 🙂

He got me back this time around… as I crawled into bed last night there was a card under my pillow! It was a cute one that made me laugh!


I told him that I thought him leaving often would get easier, but it doesn’t. Pete told me that maybe that’s a good thing… it shows how much we care about one another and the time apart is a challenge to make us stronger!

I’m hoping to complete some projects throughout the summer while he’s away. I’ve seen some people create a “summer bucketlist” maybe I’ll have to do that and see how much I can accomplish before he returns!


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