Home Sweet Home

My hubby and I FINALLY closed on the house we have been trying to purchase for almost 4 months! (We started our search over 6 months ago.)

We have added a huge stop onto our “Life Tour”!
Pete is out of the country working on a rock and roll tour, so sadly I had to sign all the papers for both of us!

I am superstitious about some things and I didn’t want to post too much about our endeavour until it was finalized, especially when we began jumping the hurdles.

He will be home soon enough and we can start to enjoy our home together! I am excited to get some of the minor things done before he gets back.
(We picked out paint colors and furniture together when he was last home so he still had a say in some of the design decisions :))

It was a long and arduous process for us. Almost everyone says that it is a tough thing to do—but if we equate getting a mortgage to traveling through a maze with hurdles—we hit almost every wall and had to jump over every hurdle to get to this point.

Maybe someday I will write a story or a play (as my aunt has suggested) that tells the intricate details of our journey! But for now at least the “Happy Ending” to the story is told!

Pete told me this morning on the phone that he keeps looking at the pictures and daydreaming about our many adventures in the next 30+ years in our home! It is so exciting and to be honest there were many moments that I thought we would never be finished!

I can’t wait to document the next steps of truly making it  ‘OUR BUNGALOW’ and adding life into the house that it is currently!

(Side note: the house is not a “bungalow” by definition, just it’s nickname) 🙂

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