The Past Few Weeks

Life over the past two and a half weeks…

–FINALLY got ALL the keys to our new home! I was waiting ever so patiently as we all agreed to let the seller stay a few more days until she closed on her new condo and could arrange the movers. But when I had them in my hand I was so excited… and really what did I need all the keys for… My father, almost immediately helped me change the locks and now we truly have our “own” set of keys to the next adventure!

–I worked a few consecutive days in July and it definitely kept me busy. I enjoyed subbing through the duration of one of the other Stage Manager’s vacations… it was nice to have a routine with my days and get more practice “calling” the show.

–Cleaned & painted and painted & cleaned a little more… My dad and I have been painting a few of the rooms in the new house. Pete and I picked a neutral color that flows well from the dining room to the living room.  (and we aren’t finished yet 🙂 )

–Got a night to relax  when I went to a Bon Jovi concert! We bought the tickets so long ago and it was awesome as expected! (A little biased being a “Jersey Girl”)

–Emptied our storage unit! With the help of some family and friends we finally brought all the stuff we had in our “Treasure Chest” to our home!
Now the fun part is going through it all.

There’s lots of work to be done on the house, mostly cleaning and organizing. It’s tiring but it will be all worth it when it’s done!

Photos to come soon!

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