Observation in Life #2–Everyone’s Life is Unique

While away from home on a mini-break a few weeks ago visiting my sweetie, we spent some time walking around both the cities of Nashville and New Orleans. We have been to these cities before with different shows but every time it’s a little different, sometimes it’s the weather, sometimes it’s the atmosphere we are surrounded by.

This time I tried to take in more of the city– I observed more of the people who live in these cities all the time. They work and raise families just like we do back home.

The warmer weather on this visit allowed us to see more people spending time outside- hearing the live music on almost every street corner is one of the most distinct feature of Nashville. I often passed by a man or woman playing their guitar with their dog nearby and an open guitar case with some small change in it and wondered what their life was like outside of this street corner entertaining tourists.

In New Orleans, there were people spread out throughout the French Quarter asking strangers who passed by for money, food, water and some even asked for beer.

I did have to stop and think of how blessed I am and how different my life is from so many others in this small world. Even as I rode in a cab to meet Pete at work, we stopped at a red light and my cab driver rolled his window down and gave some money to the man on the off-ramp of the highway- dressed in ripped, dirty clothing he held a sign asking for some money.

My heart strings get tugged at when I see people like this no matter where I am, and I wish I could help all of them–Sometimes the best I can do is smile and politely say hello.


I can only hope that I can continue to do the best I can for my life and my family and help as many people along the way as I can.


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