Army Football Tradition

Last weekend me, my dad, brother, and a few friends continued a yearly tradition of going to West Point Military Academy to see a football game. We make it an all day event, we pack the truck the day before with chairs, a grill, lots of yummy food and adult beverages. This year the weather was great! It wasn’t too cold, although I had a few layers of clothes on 🙂

It was perfect timing this year coinciding with Veteran’s Day! My dad is a Navy Vet and it is always nice to be around him when there is any mention of celebrating Veterans and their sacrifice and service for our country.

The national anthem was playing just as we walked up to the stadium and it was so nice to see how patriotic everyone was- the whole group of people on the street and sidewalk walking up to the gates stopped and removed their hats to listen.


Before the game, as they usually do some service people parachute out of airplanes over the stadium- it’s really neat to see. During halftime of this game, a few young people who had recently joined the military were unofficially sworn in on the field. And at the end, despite the score of the game, the military band plays the alma mater song and both teams stand and remove helmets and face all the cadets while it is played.


I hope we can continue this tradition–our group keeps growing! 

Thank you to all the Veterans who served and are serving our country. Thank you for your sacrifice and for keeping our country free! 

God Bless America! 

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