A New Recipe For My Cookbook

It’s so nice to have my sweetie home for a little bit! He worked so hard last year and was away quite a bit- as you can imagine the “honey-do” has a few things on it. 🙂

He (we) have been slowly working our way through the list… more on what projects we’ve started later.

Another reason I like that he’s home is that he cooks for me 🙂 I can cook and I don’t mind it but when it’s just me sometimes I take the easy route and have a quick meal. The first few days he was home we cooked a few dinners together. He has been working locally and occasionally we are on opposite hours so it’s nice to be able to make a meal for me to take to work and then leave him some ready for when he returns home.

So I bet your wondering where I am going with this… 🙂 I made my first quiche last week! I know some of you are saying, “quiche, really??? that’s so easy to make” But… it was my first attempt and I think it came out pretty well! I looked up a few recipes on the internet and yes I’ll admit that I may have even searched for “easy” quiche recipes.

I combined a few to put my own spin on it and this is what I came up with!

1 frozen pie crust

4 eggs (originally I started with 6 but it was too much liquid for the particular pie crust I bought once I made the mix)

1 cup half & half

1 red onion (diced and only used about 1/4 cup)

1 cup shredded cheddar cheese (I did split the cup between white and orange to add a little color and additional flavor)

2 tablespoons of Ricotta cheese

salt & pepper

Meat optional (I used a ham steak which was about 1lb)


Simple Instructions:

-Preheat oven to 375 degrees

-Line the pie crust with the shredded cheese

-Mix eggs, half & half, ricotta cheese and a little salt and pepper

(Thanks to The Food Network © &  Robert Irvine in “Restaurant Impossible” for the simple recommendation of using S & P to simply season food)   

-Lightly saute ham & onion 

-Layer quiche for baking (this is the order I used)

  • Pie crust
  • Shredded Cheese
  • Ham/Onion mix
  • Egg mixIMG_9769IMG_9775

Then bake for about 40 mins or until top lightly brown and egg fully cooked in middle

IMG_9778 IMG_9786

Let it cool for a few minutes and enjoy!


This is definitely getting added to my cookbook and I imagine will be made with many different variations!


Hope everyone has a great weekend!


Another Year Down

Well clearly the holidays were quite busy for me– I’m finally getting to sit down and write a post in January. (I didn’t realize the last one was written for Thanksgiving!)

Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s seemed to have come and gone so quickly this year.

The holidays were good-spent time with family, traveled to see my sweetie on Christmas Day, spent New Year’s Eve at home-struggling to keep our eyes open for the ball drop, and New Year’s Day we had my family over for what we hope will be a traditional brunch.

All in all not a bad holiday season!  We were very blessed this year with so many good things!

Here’s a list I jotted down of my 2013 memories:

-two new baby nephew’s were born- officially making me an Auntie x4 (1 belonging to each one of my brothers) 

-celebrated our 1 Year Wedding Anniversary in Montreal (that’s where he was with the tour)

-“Called” my first Broadway Show

-My sweetie and I purchased our first Home (a struggle, admittedly, but so worth the time and effort we put into making it happen)

-traveled to a few different places throughout the year to visit my Sweetie on his various jobs (Montreal, New Hampshire, New York, Nashville, New Orleans, Memphis;)

-1st New Year’s Eve at “The Bungalow” with my Sweetie talking about the year and wondering what 2014 will bring

New Years 2014

I hope everyone had a safe and happy Christmas and New Years! Let’s see what 2014 has to offer!