The Meaning Of Life

The Meaning Of Life…

I just re-read this book recently— it didn’t give me the answers but it did help me get my thoughts flowing about my life at this moment.

I get in these ruts, that I think most humans do at one point or another in life.

Not having a full-time job can be a little bit of a challenge in more than one way. Lately, when my sweetie (aka: *pt*) is out of the house working I have down time and vice versa. It’s tough trying to create a “home” out of this “house” we purchased together when we are apart. We have all these wonderful ideas about things we want to do and yet we haven’t gotten to all of them yet.

We have a 30-year mortgage; who knows what will happen in the next month let alone 30 years but we really want to create an ‘Inspiration Board’ in our home and add photos or objects of things we’d like our home to be.

We have been talking about the outdoors since the weather seems to be getting nicer but there are also things we want to do inside also.
Now we aren’t made of money and it will be hard to get it all done immediately but I think if we keep our ideas fresh in our mind then each day we can create our HOME!

Maybe the ‘meaning in my life’ currently is to make our house into OUR HOME!

I think I’ll purchase this book for our home and keep it on the coffee table (when we get one) to remind me to keep searching for my meaning in this life.



Springtime…could it be? Well in the Northeastern part of the US anyway. I saw a friends post on Facebook the other day about looking forward to fall/winter… it took me a few minutes to realize they were in Australia.

I do love the spring (aside from allergies). It’s nice to not need a heavy coat anymore, the flowers are starting to bloom, and the sun is still up into the early evening.

Since my sweetie and I purchased our home last summer, this is our first springtime and we are trying to figure out what we want to do in terms of landscaping and a garden.
We might start small this year as far as a garden goes. We have ideas but with both of us working so much it’s hard to start the project together. I think we might just try to grow a few things in a flower box off our deck. Either way I can’t wait to get it all started and continue to make this our home and our property! image-2 image

Happy Spring!