Our baby girl was born January 15, 2015 at 5:08pm!

She is everything we hoped she’d be and more! 

I think *pt* and I made some pretty good decisions regarding how we handled the pregnancy and delivery of our first child. Specifically, we are very happy we waited to learn the sex of the baby was until she was born. It was such good incentive to keep pushing through. When the doctor said “it’s a girl” I had to take a moment between the excitement and ask “it’s a girl???”. *pt* said the doctor even looked as though she was checking again and attempted to show me to prove it. 🙂 

Our little peanut is with us a week already and we are all adjusting pretty well to life with one another. There are lots of learning curves for us all and a few things can be challenging but we are loving being a family of three. 

In the early stages of my pregnancy I started taking photos of my belly to send *pt* when he was on the road. I decided even though he was home now that I would continue with it. This is the ©Flipagram I made to show the progress.

I can’t wait to continue to document her life as she grows! 


Dear Squirt

7 January 2015

Dear Little Squirt

Today is your due date, it is also exactly 8 months from when we found out we were expecting you. 
Thank you for being so kind to me for most of the pregnancy. I think overall I was pretty lucky with all that changed about me, my life and my body physically. 

You have no idea how much your dad and I look forward to meeting you. We are so curious as to whom you will look like and how you will change our lives. 

We have worked hard to create a home for you and set up your bedroom the way we hope you will like. 

We promise to protect you and teach you as much as we can. The world can be a challenge at times but know that your dad and I are ALWAYS going to love you and support you! 

Thanks for choosing us to be your parents! We loved you the moment we knew you were on your way to us. 

Mom and Dad 

3 days till 40 weeks

Here we are 3 days away from “Squirt’s” due date. Waiting… patiently for our little one to arrive. I had a considerable list of things that I needed to do and wanted to buy for the baby before his/her arrival, the list is just about completely crossed off and then I’ll literally be waiting for the baby to arrive. 🙂

It’s nice to be so organized, but now the waiting with not much else to do might drive me nuts. My doctor says things are going smoothly and they have been for the entire pregnancy and we will take it a step at at a time to get this baby to make their appearance.

*pt* and I are very excited, as most can imagine. We have daily conversations about how our life is going to change and what each day could possibly hold for us. We try to plan out possible scenarios of when the time comes to call the doctor and/or go to the hospital. We also continue to remember how blessed we are that he is now working so much closer to home as opposed to having been on the road almost this entire third trimester.

We recently saw an episode of “I Love Lucy” when Lucy was pregnant with Little Ricky and how Ricky, Fred and Ethel planned out and practiced how it would go when Lucy said it was “time”. It was quite hilarious because they practiced a few times and of course in the moment when it was time they were all so disheveled and excited that they forgot what each of them was to do and Lucy was left standing in the living room when all of them had left the apartment without her. Hopefully it won’t be that way for us, but we are as prepared as we can be with bags pack and a list of last minute items we should grab.

Stay tuned…

WHOA! It's January! Any day now!

WHOA! It’s January! Any day now!


Gratefully, *pt* and were able to get away for a weekend in the busy month of November for what we called our “baby-cation”.

It was our last (mini)-vacation before our little “Squirt” arrives. We decided to look for a place to go within a 2-hour radius to save a bit of money by being able to drive and to leave right after *pt* was done with work on Friday afternoon.

We ended up in Ballston Spa, NY and stayed at the Medberry Inn and Spa.IMG_3117


Ballston Spa is a quaint, simple, little town that was perfect for a relaxing weekend away. 

IMG_3118 The weather was crisp and cold but clear for the time we were there. We took a few walks around the town and stopped in some of the unique stores. There were a few antique and collectible shops as well as small hometown gift stores and restaurants. IMG_1402IMG_3119 IMG_3120We really enjoyed our weekend! The food we had was good (especially the fried ice cream–made with Corn Flakes) and we had a wonderfully relaxing couples massage. One of the best I’ve had! The therapist was so sweet, she said I seemed so comfortable that she let me borrow the pillows that I was cuddling with during my prenatal massage for that night! You know pregnant women and their pillows. 

We are very blessed to have been able to take some time away just the two of us before we become a family of three in a few weeks.

Tradition Continued

A few weeks ago we were able to continue our tradition and head up to West Point Military Academy for a football game. *pt* was able to join us this year too!
We were a small group of 8, it was chilly but sunny so it wasn’t unbearable. Once we were in our seats I even had to take my coat off because the sun was warm enough and there were plenty of people around to stay warm for a bit without it.

We had lot of yummy food for tailgating both before and after the game. IMG_3140That’s right- Grilled Pizza! The only photo I took of the food but the most unique in my opinion 🙂

My dad standing during the halftime ceremony honoring our veterans and the men and women currently serving! This was definitely one of highlights of the day! I love that my dad is a veteran, it makes me proud. IMG_3143


Army won so that definitely made the game even better!

Summer 2014

This summer I was lucky enough to spend some time with my mom doing a little traveling. Her unexpected time off from work lead to us getting to leave town on a few sporadic trips.

In July we headed up to the Adirondack’s in New York State. My uncle and aunt own a Victorian bed and breakfast in Lake Luzerne (about 25 miles from Lake George). We spent some time with them and got to help out a little around the inn as well. It’s a beautiful area up there and it was nice to get away.




It had been a long time since my mom was at the inn and got to spend time with her brother. I was glad to tag along with her on this sporadic trip.

On the ride home, I introduced my mom to one of my current baby “cravings”- Root Beer Floats! YUM!!!






In August we got in the car and headed down to Sneads Ferry, North Carolina to visit my moms other brother and wife. It had been a while since my mom went down to visit them also. I had never been there.

It was a long drive down, we hit a lot more traffic than we expected but once we were there we had a great time. They live right on the water that connects to the ocean and is close to the biggest U.S. Marine base, Camp Lejeune. We got to relax and see a little bit of the area in the few days we were there. My uncle owns a boat that is docked right on the edge of his property and we went out for a ride one evening before dinner.






IMG_0970 IMG_0926


On the way home we decided to take the scenic route and travel across the Chesapeake Bay Bridge and Tunnel. Mom and I had driven it one other time almost 10 years ago. It was a beautiful day and we reached the bridge/tunnel just between lunch and dinner. We enjoyed an ice cream cone and walked along the pier to stretch our legs. It’s a pretty amazing sight if you’ve never driven it. It’s described as “one of the Seven Engineering Wonders of the Modern World”. People were fishing off the pier and having lunch and just enjoying the weather.

The overnight trips ended there but my dad had some time off at the end of the month so we took a day trip in to the Bronx Zoo. He had never been there and my mom used to go all the time as a child. My sister-in-law and “Smushy” came with us too! It was hot and a crowded day but we had a great time.

IMG_1094 IMG_1109 IMG_1137 IMG_1080

The other day trip we did was down to Jenkinson’s Beach in Point Pleasant, NJ. Now you have to know that my dad is not a fan of the beach. Being a Navy guy it’s strange to hear but he doesn’t really like to go in the ocean. Probably because he spent so much time sailing it. Anyway my mom and I were shocked when he said he wanted to go to the beach… well really he wanted to go to Jenkinson’s Aquarium. But we convinced him to go on a nice day where we could enjoy the sunshine as well as the fish. I had never been to the aquarium before and it was really quite neat. It was small, but the fish, seals, penguins, turtles and other sea life they had there was really awesome to see.

IMG_2792 IMG_2790IMG_2786IMG_2783

 It was a great summer with these trips and swimming in my parents’ pool with my niece and nephews. According to the calendar it is still summer but since children have gone back to school and the weather is slowly changing and leaves are beginning to fall it’s unofficially Autumn. I’m boycotting my parents’ closing their pool because I don’t want it to end but I know that next summer there will be more adventures but I’ll have a little tag-along with me 🙂

I’ll embrace Autumn with everything Pumpkin, (even though my hubby says I have to wait till October to enjoy a pumpkin latte)  and finish my prepping for our little bundle of joy coming in January! This is the last season before Squirt arrives! IMG_2797

365 Days In the Bungalow

July marked the one year anniversary of when we closed on our first home: aka “The Bungalow”.

I tried to document the 365 days as they went by showing some of the work we did on the house. We still have lots to do but it’s fun to look back and see how far we’ve come.

I have a feeling with our “Squirt” arriving in January I may be taking photos of other things in the coming months but I’ll try to update on the home improvements as well!
Take a look at my Flipagram here.



Pregnancy With Our “Squirt”


 In the first few weeks of being publicly pregnant the most common question I’ve been asked is:

What are you having? Do you know if it’s a boy or girl?

I guess that’s the most intriguing thing people want to know. Well first of all I am only 16 weeks so it’s a little soon to tell. Second of all, *pt* and I are going to wait until the baby’s birthday to find out if it’s a boy or girl.

I think I’ve always felt this way about someday having a baby and now that we are here in the present and it’s all happening, I really want to be surprised!

There’s a bit of mixed responses when I tell people we are going to wait to find out the sex of the baby. Some people are concerned as to how we will prepare. I think there are enough neutral colors and items that we need to prep for this baby that I think we’ll be just fine! Thanks for the concern though 🙂

Since our honeymoon and maybe even a little bit before we started liking “turtles”. Coincidentally my brother and sister-in-law started using the name “Squirt” to refer to the baby. (Squirt the Turtle from Finding Nemo). 

I’m not sure how we will incorporate turtle’s into the nursery decor but I bet there will be a few. More to come on that…

16 week bump


Next Stop On Life Tour

I made it through a rehearsal process, a tech process and the run of a show and now I am preparing for the biggest gig of my life: Motherhood!

I found out I was pregnant early in the rehearsal process for Grease and it was hard to not tell other people. I had my moments of “morning sickness”, which happened at all hours of the day but overall I felt good.

*pt* was out of town when I found out and I knew I wouldn’t be able to keep the big secret from him for very long so I decided to FaceTime him and show him his 2nd Wedding Anniversary gift.

OnesieFirst of all I lucked out because the traditional gift for the 2nd Anniversary is cotton—enter cotton onesie. The Peterbilt patch on it is because a few years ago we were driving somewhere and I saw a semi-truck had mud flaps that had this brand logo on it. The next thing I said was “Peterbilt… that’s what my babies are gonna be”. I knew immediately this would be a clever way to one day tell him I was pregnant. I searched online and found the patches. (I’ve had them for over a year)

Over the last few weeks we slowly told our immediate family and without surprise everyone is over the moon excited! We have lots to do to prepare but I hope to be able to continue using my list making skill to help us along the way.

Stay tuned for updates…

Cheers (with a kid friendly beverage of course) to the next stop in our Life Tour!

a view of a high chair

Grease Is The Word

It’s been a while since I posted, I’ve been busy working on a show. The long days of rehearsal and tech had me exhausted and I hardly took my computer out of my bag when I was home. Even now when we are in “show mode” it seems like I just transport my computer back and forth and hardly do much on it at home.

Here’s a little update 🙂

For about 6 years now, it seems I’ve joined productions at all times of the process except from the very first day of rehearsal. I seem to have fallen into the groove of the being the person who “saves the show”, not literally of course. I don’t mind joining a show when it’s already set and I’m just thrown into it, it’s a different type of challenge.

However, this one I was hired from the start and so we began rehearsals in NYC and I had to dig into my memory on how this all works.

Here are few things I’ve learned or had refreshed for me:

1. Everyone has different personalities and in theatre some are stronger than others. It’s tough sometimes , but necessary to take a deep breath and deal with the issues at hand.

2. Even with all the stress, tension, and long hours of rehearsal and “tech week” when the opening notes are played for the first show with an audience, I still get excited. Moments like this help remind me why I am in the entertainment industry at all.

3. There’s always more I can learn about creating documents in excel and now I’m starting to learn “Pages” on my Mac too.

4. Having a job in my field is good practice of many of my skills.

The run of the show is almost over, 1 more full week after this weekend and then continuing to work on the Bungalow to-do list. photo

Have a great weekend!