Our baby girl was born January 15, 2015 at 5:08pm!

She is everything we hoped she’d be and more! 

I think *pt* and I made some pretty good decisions regarding how we handled the pregnancy and delivery of our first child. Specifically, we are very happy we waited to learn the sex of the baby was until she was born. It was such good incentive to keep pushing through. When the doctor said “it’s a girl” I had to take a moment between the excitement and ask “it’s a girl???”. *pt* said the doctor even looked as though she was checking again and attempted to show me to prove it. 🙂 

Our little peanut is with us a week already and we are all adjusting pretty well to life with one another. There are lots of learning curves for us all and a few things can be challenging but we are loving being a family of three. 

In the early stages of my pregnancy I started taking photos of my belly to send *pt* when he was on the road. I decided even though he was home now that I would continue with it. This is the ©Flipagram I made to show the progress.

I can’t wait to continue to document her life as she grows! 


Birthday Weekend!

Yes I said “weekend”… somewhere along the way birthday’s have become “marathon” in our family. You don’t just get one day, you get as many as it takes to celebrate with as many people as you can. 

Pete and I are lucky that we have our birthdays in the same month and so basically celebrating the entire month of June! 🙂 The past few years he has been home for my birthday but away with work for his so we have had some joint celebrations.

This past weekend I worked Friday night but we both had off on Saturday and we began summertime birthday festivities! My brother and sister-in-law had their annual KOC (Summer Kick-Off Classic). It had rained all day Friday but cleared up enough for us to hang out outside, drink some Malibu Baybreeze’s, and hang with family and friends.

This was the 10th Annual KOC and was quite different from the 1st in that there were many children in attendance now… there weren’t too many of us that did not have an ankle biters with us… I guess we missed the memo that bringing a rugrat was a requirement this year (usually it’s bring a yummy treat or some booze). Either way, it was a great pre-birthday gathering, lots of laughs and good food and drinks! 

Sunday I had a bridal shower for a friend of mine and then I had work in the evening. The Tony Awards were Sunday night so the energy at the theatre was high! It was kind of great to be around so many theatrical people with the hype of the awards. I figured if I couldn’t be “at” the Tony’s the next best place was to be backstage “calling” a Broadway show! 

My husband surprised me with a red velvet cupcake (my favorite) at midnight when I got home from work… afterall it was midnight and officially my birthday! 🙂 


More rain all day Monday, but that meant I just got to relax for most of the day! My hubby made me breakfast and we just hung out! That night I got to call the show again… I couldn’t have asked for a better birthday! 

I know there will be some more celebrations, especially because I made cupcakes for my hubby today… I mean we should sing with a birthday candle when we eat each one shouldn’t we? 

Cheers to the rest of June going as well as the birthday weekend!