Keeping it Simple

I am sad that I haven’t been writing lately… there are so many days that I think of things I could be jotting down and I just don’t make time or I don’t get around to it.

I came onto my site and I saw that I had drafts from a year or two ago that I never finished and that made me really disappointed in myself.
When I was young, I used to love to keep a diary or journal. I found some of them when we cleaned out my parents house recently and most of the days I just wrote simple things that happened or how I felt about something. I think that is how I need to get back into this. Keep it simple…

I am envious of friends and other people who have blogs and write all the time and I make time to read them, but neglect my own thoughts swirling around in my head.

I don’t need a million people to read or follow what I write, so I need to just focus on me and my writing… or better yet for now just jotting down my thoughts.

Thought for the my day:

Keep it simple!


365 Days In the Bungalow

July marked the one year anniversary of when we closed on our first home: aka “The Bungalow”.

I tried to document the 365 days as they went by showing some of the work we did on the house. We still have lots to do but it’s fun to look back and see how far we’ve come.

I have a feeling with our “Squirt” arriving in January I may be taking photos of other things in the coming months but I’ll try to update on the home improvements as well!
Take a look at my Flipagram here.


Grease Is The Word

It’s been a while since I posted, I’ve been busy working on a show. The long days of rehearsal and tech had me exhausted and I hardly took my computer out of my bag when I was home. Even now when we are in “show mode” it seems like I just transport my computer back and forth and hardly do much on it at home.

Here’s a little update 🙂

For about 6 years now, it seems I’ve joined productions at all times of the process except from the very first day of rehearsal. I seem to have fallen into the groove of the being the person who “saves the show”, not literally of course. I don’t mind joining a show when it’s already set and I’m just thrown into it, it’s a different type of challenge.

However, this one I was hired from the start and so we began rehearsals in NYC and I had to dig into my memory on how this all works.

Here are few things I’ve learned or had refreshed for me:

1. Everyone has different personalities and in theatre some are stronger than others. It’s tough sometimes , but necessary to take a deep breath and deal with the issues at hand.

2. Even with all the stress, tension, and long hours of rehearsal and “tech week” when the opening notes are played for the first show with an audience, I still get excited. Moments like this help remind me why I am in the entertainment industry at all.

3. There’s always more I can learn about creating documents in excel and now I’m starting to learn “Pages” on my Mac too.

4. Having a job in my field is good practice of many of my skills.

The run of the show is almost over, 1 more full week after this weekend and then continuing to work on the Bungalow to-do list. photo

Have a great weekend!



Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!

There is always something to be thankful for and not just on this day!
Today and always I try to be thankful for all I have.

-my wonderfully giving, caring, and loving husband

-a roof over my head

-my family


-a job

I give gratitude for all and pray for those who have less.

I was thinking back to last Thanksgiving and how much more I have in my life since then.

-a new home

-a dream job on Broadway

-two new healthy nephews added to the family

I hope that everyone enjoys the day and gives thanks to everything they have, even if it’s not as much as the person next to you!

Thank you to those that are away from their families especially our servicemen and women; All the civil service workers who are on duty today; All the transportation workers who are bringing people safely to their destination- especially pilots and bus and train operators;

Life is a gift! Celebrate it everyday!

Happy Thanksgiving!


Observation in Life #2–Everyone’s Life is Unique

While away from home on a mini-break a few weeks ago visiting my sweetie, we spent some time walking around both the cities of Nashville and New Orleans. We have been to these cities before with different shows but every time it’s a little different, sometimes it’s the weather, sometimes it’s the atmosphere we are surrounded by.

This time I tried to take in more of the city– I observed more of the people who live in these cities all the time. They work and raise families just like we do back home.

The warmer weather on this visit allowed us to see more people spending time outside- hearing the live music on almost every street corner is one of the most distinct feature of Nashville. I often passed by a man or woman playing their guitar with their dog nearby and an open guitar case with some small change in it and wondered what their life was like outside of this street corner entertaining tourists.

In New Orleans, there were people spread out throughout the French Quarter asking strangers who passed by for money, food, water and some even asked for beer.

I did have to stop and think of how blessed I am and how different my life is from so many others in this small world. Even as I rode in a cab to meet Pete at work, we stopped at a red light and my cab driver rolled his window down and gave some money to the man on the off-ramp of the highway- dressed in ripped, dirty clothing he held a sign asking for some money.

My heart strings get tugged at when I see people like this no matter where I am, and I wish I could help all of them–Sometimes the best I can do is smile and politely say hello.


I can only hope that I can continue to do the best I can for my life and my family and help as many people along the way as I can.



Observations in Life- 1st Edition

Let’s see how this goes…first edition.

Everyday there are things that happen or that I see and they make me stop and think.

Lately (probably since I’ve been spending so much time with my nephew) I’ve been thinking about babies (not necessarily about having one—hang in there mom—soon enough:)—but more about this thing we go about everyday called Life!

I remember when my oldest brother and sister-in-law told me they were having a baby–that baby just turned 7 in September. Within those 7 years I have been many places and done many things and currently I have 1 niece and 3 nephews! I’m one lucky auntie! 🙂

I look at them all and think: ‘as this Earth turns we all continue to age’.

Not age in a negative way just grow.

I was riding the train to work the other day and I looked around and thought ‘all of these people were once little babies and someone had to feed them prunes for the first time (as I did to Smushy that morning) and someone had to change their diapers. Life is really pretty amazing!

The Earth takes 365 days to rotate around the sun and in that time we all grow! (some become wiser than others 😃)

I have a pretty strong religious base but even without that I can’t help but wonder about how and why we as Earth-lings came to be? And why Earth? Why not Mars or Jupiter? Sometimes I like to think that there are other beings on another planet and they watch our “reality” shows and laugh! Strange thought I know!

Things in our everyday can be tough sometimes but I think if we all stop and take a look at a baby and then at an adult and realize that from one year to the next- 365 really does fly by!

Taking a little “Fall Break” and going to try and observe life some more in the next few days—with my hubby! ❤️

Leave a comment if you ever think of Life like I do! 😎

Cheers to a great weekend!

Time Is Flying By

I have found myself losing days in the past few weeks – I’m just so busy, which is good!

Spent some time in role reversal with parents. My mom had some surgery on her heel and was out of commission for a few days. The day of surgery went pretty quickly and we were back at my parents’ house about lunch time. My mom was quite a trooper and didn’t feel the need to take much pain medicine. She had never had to use crutches or a walker before so that was challenge for her – but she did great with a little practice!

She had to keep weight off her heel for about a week and that was driving her nuts! I took her to the doctor the other day and the stitches are out and it is healing nicely! Hopefully the surgery fixed all the initial pain and problem.

I enjoy the changing colors of the fall.  I need to get outside more though… I love working in the theatre but every now and then I get a little “cabin fever” and need to remember to take advantage of the outside world- even if it means putting a scarf and coat on!

I’m a “working auntie” these days. I am getting my practice for someday when I am a mom. My sister-in-law is working full time and I get to help out and watch “Smushy” a few days a week.

A friend from high school was getting rid of some of her baby stuff and so I took advantage of that and bought her old high-chair, a play-mat and some other toys to help entertain him while we are hanging out at our house.

In amongst continuing to work on the house and helping babysit my nephew, I got asked last minute to join the Stage Management team of a new show, “Honeymoon In Vegas”.  I joined the production on the day of the first preview, in quite a bit of tension and chaos. Seems that within the last few years this is the role I slip into with ease.  The show is now officially open and I am a part of it for just a short time as I have returned to Broadway to sub on “Rock Of Ages” for about three weeks.

Time is going to fly by with all this stuff happening in my world-before I know it it will be the new year and who knows what 2014 will bring. I hope I can do my best to find times to slow down and enjoy life!

Update On Our New Home

I did not fall off the face of the Earth just very busy with the new home!

I knew owning a house would be a lot of work and it is so far but it’s also pretty rewarding to know that we have accomplished part of the “American Dream”!

Since all the keys to the house were officially in our possession I have been working hard getting the house cleaned up and ready to call our own. My father helped me put a fresh coat of paint on some of the rooms. My mother and brothers and some friends and family helped move all our stuff out of storage and into the house (we haven’t sorted through much of it yet, but at least we aren’t paying for storage unit anymore 🙂 ).

It’s slowly becoming our “home”. Pete has been home for a little bit between jobs and we ordered our living room set and dining room set and started to hang some photos. I am keeping a photo stream of the progress and hope to make a slide show of it all.

Here’s a few shots of some of the things we’ve done so far.


Pete doing a little landscaping; We are working on a plan to create how we want it all to look. 

ImageMy pups came to visit for the night. We need to fence in the yard to make it easier to have them over. 

ImageImageWe used the new product from Rustoleum “Restore” to finish the deck. The railing and stairs are brand new and they will get a coat of matching stain. 

Our new dining room table. It’s a “pub style” with high chairs. It’s different for a dining room and we love it! 

Day by day it’s becoming what we want our home to be! There’s still lots to do but we’ll be here a while and I’m reminded there is no rush. This week I have some time to finally begin to organize, we still have lots of rubbermaid tubs full of things that were in storage. It’s fun to go through and see what we have! (Plus I’m already making a box for a garage sale and goodwill)

Hope everyone has a productive week!


The Past Few Weeks

Life over the past two and a half weeks…

–FINALLY got ALL the keys to our new home! I was waiting ever so patiently as we all agreed to let the seller stay a few more days until she closed on her new condo and could arrange the movers. But when I had them in my hand I was so excited… and really what did I need all the keys for… My father, almost immediately helped me change the locks and now we truly have our “own” set of keys to the next adventure!

–I worked a few consecutive days in July and it definitely kept me busy. I enjoyed subbing through the duration of one of the other Stage Manager’s vacations… it was nice to have a routine with my days and get more practice “calling” the show.

–Cleaned & painted and painted & cleaned a little more… My dad and I have been painting a few of the rooms in the new house. Pete and I picked a neutral color that flows well from the dining room to the living room.  (and we aren’t finished yet 🙂 )

–Got a night to relax  when I went to a Bon Jovi concert! We bought the tickets so long ago and it was awesome as expected! (A little biased being a “Jersey Girl”)

–Emptied our storage unit! With the help of some family and friends we finally brought all the stuff we had in our “Treasure Chest” to our home!
Now the fun part is going through it all.

There’s lots of work to be done on the house, mostly cleaning and organizing. It’s tiring but it will be all worth it when it’s done!

Photos to come soon!


Sometimes there are days are weeks that don’t go as we planned… but they go nonetheless.

Pete and I have had a few crazy months with things happening in our lives… more on that in the future.

The way we get over the hurdles is to spend time together doing just about anything. The weather has been quite rainy the last few weeks so that wasn’t helping our moods. The other day though was a beautiful sunny day.

We decided to take the dogs for a walk in the field nearby. It was a day after a big rain storm and the sky was as blue as can be, hardly any clouds.

Sometimes I think we should do more unique things together, especially when I hear about other couples going places and experiencing life in a different way.

This week we did find a Food Truck that we just had to hunt down and get some yummy food! IMG_1420

Serving New Orleans style food in NJ! Found another way back to Pete’s roots! 🙂

Most of the time when he’s home in between gigs it goes so quickly and before we know it he’s packing to head back on the road. This time we tried to plan for the future but still live in today.

Hopefully things will settle out soon and when he comes back from this tour we will have a new set of experiences to adjust to!


A Walk In The Field On A Sunny Day–Definitely brightened our moods!