March 2016

It’s March 2016 already… time and life gets away from me so quickly since our little Squirt officially made us a family of three. The last time I wrote a post she was 100 days old and now she’s something like 420 days!

In the last year *pt* and I have enjoyed watching her learn new things and we in turn are learning new things right along side her.

She is a perfect blend of *pt* and me! Her personality most of the time is very low-key, like her father, thank goodness for that! I have enough trouble dealing with myself let alone a little me too 🙂

I have been around many children in my life but her being my own is unique. It’s fun watching her learn to do things and reach milestones. She is so smart and funny at just barely 14 months old.

She loves to say “Hi!” She blows kisses and is slowly learning some animal sounds! It’s really cool to watch her brain absorb all that life throws at her. She loves to play with balls that we have, small, plastic, even a soccer ball!

I am fascinated when she plays with her larger Lego blocks and can figure out how to turn them to click them together. She loves when I build a tower really high so she can knock it over.

Her giggle is the most infectious thing and we love to have “tickle time” just to hear it.

She has a toy piggy bank that has plastic coins that help her learn how to count. She is so smart and has figured out that she has to hold the coins a certain way to fit in the slot.

Within the last week she started playing with her stuffed animals too. She likes to carry them from her room around the house and most of the time she gets bored rather quickly with them but for the few moments she’s hugging them it’s adorable.

She LOVES to dance! Whenever she hears music of any kind she bounces back and forth! I wonder if she’ll be a dancer? Or a musician?

Her favorite game is to go behind the couch and let us “catch” her! She makes full circles around the couch and just giggles when we play as if we are going to get her.

She is almost walking… we keep thinking any day now she will just get up and go. She walks with her toys that have wheels and along the furniture and while holding our hands but doesn’t quite want to take those steps on her own. We know she will in her own time and that will be so great to see! She is standing a lot more independently and able to balance for longer each time.
In the mean time she has this cute little scoot, always on her left knee. This mode of transportation is quick for her but makes holes in her pants. We’ve tried to use a wristband to help pad that knee.

Her teething has not been too bad, I hope I didn’t jinx it?! She has 4 teeth completely in, 2 on top and 2 on bottom with the 2 more on the top coming through!

She really is am amazing little girl and *pt* and I are so proud of who she is and know she will continue to brighten our worlds in every way!


Our Squirt Through Her First Year!




Our baby girl was born January 15, 2015 at 5:08pm!

She is everything we hoped she’d be and more! 

I think *pt* and I made some pretty good decisions regarding how we handled the pregnancy and delivery of our first child. Specifically, we are very happy we waited to learn the sex of the baby was until she was born. It was such good incentive to keep pushing through. When the doctor said “it’s a girl” I had to take a moment between the excitement and ask “it’s a girl???”. *pt* said the doctor even looked as though she was checking again and attempted to show me to prove it. 🙂 

Our little peanut is with us a week already and we are all adjusting pretty well to life with one another. There are lots of learning curves for us all and a few things can be challenging but we are loving being a family of three. 

In the early stages of my pregnancy I started taking photos of my belly to send *pt* when he was on the road. I decided even though he was home now that I would continue with it. This is the ©Flipagram I made to show the progress.

I can’t wait to continue to document her life as she grows! 


Dear Squirt

7 January 2015

Dear Little Squirt

Today is your due date, it is also exactly 8 months from when we found out we were expecting you. 
Thank you for being so kind to me for most of the pregnancy. I think overall I was pretty lucky with all that changed about me, my life and my body physically. 

You have no idea how much your dad and I look forward to meeting you. We are so curious as to whom you will look like and how you will change our lives. 

We have worked hard to create a home for you and set up your bedroom the way we hope you will like. 

We promise to protect you and teach you as much as we can. The world can be a challenge at times but know that your dad and I are ALWAYS going to love you and support you! 

Thanks for choosing us to be your parents! We loved you the moment we knew you were on your way to us. 

Mom and Dad 

The Meaning Of Life

The Meaning Of Life…

I just re-read this book recently— it didn’t give me the answers but it did help me get my thoughts flowing about my life at this moment.

I get in these ruts, that I think most humans do at one point or another in life.

Not having a full-time job can be a little bit of a challenge in more than one way. Lately, when my sweetie (aka: *pt*) is out of the house working I have down time and vice versa. It’s tough trying to create a “home” out of this “house” we purchased together when we are apart. We have all these wonderful ideas about things we want to do and yet we haven’t gotten to all of them yet.

We have a 30-year mortgage; who knows what will happen in the next month let alone 30 years but we really want to create an ‘Inspiration Board’ in our home and add photos or objects of things we’d like our home to be.

We have been talking about the outdoors since the weather seems to be getting nicer but there are also things we want to do inside also.
Now we aren’t made of money and it will be hard to get it all done immediately but I think if we keep our ideas fresh in our mind then each day we can create our HOME!

Maybe the ‘meaning in my life’ currently is to make our house into OUR HOME!

I think I’ll purchase this book for our home and keep it on the coffee table (when we get one) to remind me to keep searching for my meaning in this life.



Baby Talk

The circle of life (for most people) seems to be grow up, meet your partner, get married, have babies. Other people around you (doesn’t matter if it’s a close relative or not) always seem to be asking about the next step immediately after you check one off the list: You’re dating? When are you getting married? You got married? When are you going to have a baby? You had a baby? When’s number two coming along?

When I was dating my husband I didn’t get bugged too much about when I was going to get married but now that we are almost two years, “when are you going to have a baby?” or “are you guys ‘trying’?” comes up quite often. I guess I’m one of the few, but I think that whether we are “trying” or not isn’t anyone else’s business but mine and my husbands. However, it’s hard to avoid the questioning. I think back and can’t imagine anyone asking my grandparents or parents if they were “trying”. It’s just weird to me.

When people do ask, if I don’t respond with, “Yes, we tracking my ovulation and “trying” as often as we can!” they seem to revert to, “Oh it’s ok, you’re young, enjoy being married with just you and your husband”. Kind of contradicting but I think it’s because they don’t know how to react when the answer isn’t “yes”.

Because I’m a Gemini, I of course feel different each day about the “baby talk”. Social media adds to how I view it too. I feel like 90% of the time I sign on to Facebook someone is either announcing they are pregnant or there are pictures of a newborn right there on the front page.

I’m trying to find the positive in this time of my life which can be somewhat confusing. I do feel that although I don’t have a picture of a newborn on my Facebook page, that I am still very blessed. I am young, healthy and have a loving husband and family. It’s nice to see women I know of all ages having children too, which reminds me that there really isn’t a rush even though science says differently.

So for now, I will not pour out any of the thoughts that are for myself and my husband to know. I will  just continue to enjoy the time I have with my nephews and niece– being an Auntie is really great practice!



Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!

There is always something to be thankful for and not just on this day!
Today and always I try to be thankful for all I have.

-my wonderfully giving, caring, and loving husband

-a roof over my head

-my family


-a job

I give gratitude for all and pray for those who have less.

I was thinking back to last Thanksgiving and how much more I have in my life since then.

-a new home

-a dream job on Broadway

-two new healthy nephews added to the family

I hope that everyone enjoys the day and gives thanks to everything they have, even if it’s not as much as the person next to you!

Thank you to those that are away from their families especially our servicemen and women; All the civil service workers who are on duty today; All the transportation workers who are bringing people safely to their destination- especially pilots and bus and train operators;

Life is a gift! Celebrate it everyday!

Happy Thanksgiving!


On The Road Again …

My hubby is off again on tour…

This time it was a little harder to sneak some post-its with inspiring words into his bag… I did and hopefully he’ll smile when he sees them!
I’ve started putting some treats in his bag like swedish fish or sour patch kids with a note on them! 🙂

Unfortunately he had to leave on his birthday this time around. We did however have time to celebrate before he left. I made him some of his favorite cupcakes last weekend and we had some family over and he picked spaghetti for dinner (super easy but he’s a simple man).

He’ll miss most of the summer at home with this tour and we don’t yet have plans for me to visit him on the road, but who knows maybe there will be a spur of the moment trip 🙂

He got me back this time around… as I crawled into bed last night there was a card under my pillow! It was a cute one that made me laugh!


I told him that I thought him leaving often would get easier, but it doesn’t. Pete told me that maybe that’s a good thing… it shows how much we care about one another and the time apart is a challenge to make us stronger!

I’m hoping to complete some projects throughout the summer while he’s away. I’ve seen some people create a “summer bucketlist” maybe I’ll have to do that and see how much I can accomplish before he returns!


two week re-cap

It’s been a crazy two weeks… let’s re-cap…

Traveling with the frozen piece of our wedding cake was successfully accomplished! The cake made it safely through airport security and onto the plane. I put it on ice overnight at the hotel and displayed it creatively for Pete’s arrival.    IMG_6741

He arrived early on Sunday morning and we celebrated with mimosas!


We had a lovely brunch and then took the day easy.

We didn’t want to spend a lot of money on presents for one another especially since we had me travel up to see him…however I snuck a gift in! A surprise to the hubby but for both of us!


I found a laminated world map that could be personalized! I thought it was perfect! The plan is to hang it in our future home and place pins where we’ve been, both separately and together!

The gift was perfect following along with the tradition of giving a “paper” gift for the 1st Year Anniversary!

I borrowed some tape from the hotel front desk and put it up on the wall for him to see! We can’t wait to get pinning!

That evening, we walked around “Old Montreal” and had dinner at a steakhouse! We shared a bottle of wine and enjoyed each other’s company.


Before bed we decided to follow through with the tradition of eating our cake!

Pete’s response was the best, “I’ve had better cake…” Haha!IMG_6804

It wasn’t terrible but it seemed to have absorbed moisture and so was a bit spongier than if it had been fresh.

Hope the good luck of eating our cake follows us through year #2 and beyond!

Back in the US I’ve been busy with work. I accomplished a life goal of working on a Broadway show and got to “call” the show for the first time on May14! I was very nervous and super excited! I called a few consecutive days and I am getting more comfortable each time!

It has been a busy but great two weeks! I was lucky enough to see Pete design the lights for two different opening bands in two different cities! More on that in the next post …    🙂

Have a wonderful and safe Memorial Day Weekend!

Anniversary: 1 Year!

Some days go by faster than others. 

Some weeks go by faster than others. 

A year ago this time we were preparing to have our wedding … in 3 days! I remember telling my mom that the one thing I kept hearing over and over again was “the day goes by fast, try to enjoy it and take it all in!”

I said I wanted the day to go slow, I wanted to experience every moment and enjoy this one day where it was completely about me and my husband and the love we have for one another! She told me, “It is the same 24 hours as any other day and to take it as it comes and enjoy it all.”

We certainly did! We couldn’t have asked for a better day, we had “A perfect 10” weather wise! We were surrounded by family and friends and deep down all I needed that day was to be with Pete! In fact when the limo arrived at the church with my parents, maids of honors, and myself, my maid of honor reminded me that I “would be with Pete soon”… she knew that was all I wanted!


And here we are almost 1 year later and I still want nothing more than to be with him, especially on our anniversary!

This year I wish for the 24 hrs to go slow as well. I will be traveling to Canada to meet up with Pete on his day off from tour. We have no specific plans but to enjoy each others company, put the thoughts of other issues aside and celebrate our love and the first year of our marriage!

Some follow a tradition of eating the top tier of their wedding cake on the 1 year anniversary. Our cake was cupcakes and had a layer that was like a small cake to be saved for this very occasion. We also had a “couples” cake (otherwise known as a Image“grooms” cake) that was created especially for us. It looked like the road cases that Pete travels with! I have a piece of both that I plan on traveling as my “personal carry-on” when I head north!

These pieces of the cakes, compressed in a seal-a-meal bag, have made it through a year of living in my parents’ freezer avoiding disappearing with the many sweet-tooth cravings and the loss of electricity due to last years storm. (My father placed the cakes in the smaller freezer which he had connected to the generator–so it stayed frozen the entire Image2.5 weeks there was no power.)

I hope that if it made it this far I can get it through security at the airport and keep it cold and enjoy it for breakfast when Pete gets off his bus at the hotel.

I’ve heard some say “the first year of marriage is the toughest”… if this is true then I think Pete and are gonna do just fine! Don’t get me wrong we certainly had some bumps over the year and in the last few weeks some hurdles to overcome but through it all we have each other! (I know some of you may be a little nauseous reading that, but… I can only hope that you all have or find someone or something makes you feel the same!)ImageImage