“Seeing” Pete

FaceTime is a great thing!
I remember the first time I heard about a video phone, it was the 90’s, our neighbors grandson lived in California and they were in New Jersey. They had a monitor, sort of the size of a computer screen (an actual desktop computer, not a handheld device). There was a program that allowed them to use their home phone to dial across the country and connect to the monitor so they could see their grandson as they spoke to him. I imagine it was a very expensive system at the time, especially because there had to be a camera on the other end.
Today we have Skype and FaceTime that most of us can use right on our phones.
I stood in NYC today outside of the theatre I was working at and spoke via video to Pete who is in Edmonton, Canada… And didn’t pay anything extra to do it!
Of course sometimes the cellular towers have interference but the fact that this type of video communication has evolved from when I first heard about it is incredible!
I’m so grateful for having this feature on our phones!
I think the longest distance I’ve ever used a video chat was when I was working on a cruise ship and I was in the middle of the ocean on Easter Sunday one year and I got to “see” all of my family who were gathered together in NJ.
What was the longest distance you were from a friend or loved one on a video call?