Grease Is The Word

It’s been a while since I posted, I’ve been busy working on a show. The long days of rehearsal and tech had me exhausted and I hardly took my computer out of my bag when I was home. Even now when we are in “show mode” it seems like I just transport my computer back and forth and hardly do much on it at home.

Here’s a little update 🙂

For about 6 years now, it seems I’ve joined productions at all times of the process except from the very first day of rehearsal. I seem to have fallen into the groove of the being the person who “saves the show”, not literally of course. I don’t mind joining a show when it’s already set and I’m just thrown into it, it’s a different type of challenge.

However, this one I was hired from the start and so we began rehearsals in NYC and I had to dig into my memory on how this all works.

Here are few things I’ve learned or had refreshed for me:

1. Everyone has different personalities and in theatre some are stronger than others. It’s tough sometimes , but necessary to take a deep breath and deal with the issues at hand.

2. Even with all the stress, tension, and long hours of rehearsal and “tech week” when the opening notes are played for the first show with an audience, I still get excited. Moments like this help remind me why I am in the entertainment industry at all.

3. There’s always more I can learn about creating documents in excel and now I’m starting to learn “Pages” on my Mac too.

4. Having a job in my field is good practice of many of my skills.

The run of the show is almost over, 1 more full week after this weekend and then continuing to work on the Bungalow to-do list. photo

Have a great weekend!


Time Is Flying By

I have found myself losing days in the past few weeks – I’m just so busy, which is good!

Spent some time in role reversal with parents. My mom had some surgery on her heel and was out of commission for a few days. The day of surgery went pretty quickly and we were back at my parents’ house about lunch time. My mom was quite a trooper and didn’t feel the need to take much pain medicine. She had never had to use crutches or a walker before so that was challenge for her – but she did great with a little practice!

She had to keep weight off her heel for about a week and that was driving her nuts! I took her to the doctor the other day and the stitches are out and it is healing nicely! Hopefully the surgery fixed all the initial pain and problem.

I enjoy the changing colors of the fall.  I need to get outside more though… I love working in the theatre but every now and then I get a little “cabin fever” and need to remember to take advantage of the outside world- even if it means putting a scarf and coat on!

I’m a “working auntie” these days. I am getting my practice for someday when I am a mom. My sister-in-law is working full time and I get to help out and watch “Smushy” a few days a week.

A friend from high school was getting rid of some of her baby stuff and so I took advantage of that and bought her old high-chair, a play-mat and some other toys to help entertain him while we are hanging out at our house.

In amongst continuing to work on the house and helping babysit my nephew, I got asked last minute to join the Stage Management team of a new show, “Honeymoon In Vegas”.  I joined the production on the day of the first preview, in quite a bit of tension and chaos. Seems that within the last few years this is the role I slip into with ease.  The show is now officially open and I am a part of it for just a short time as I have returned to Broadway to sub on “Rock Of Ages” for about three weeks.

Time is going to fly by with all this stuff happening in my world-before I know it it will be the new year and who knows what 2014 will bring. I hope I can do my best to find times to slow down and enjoy life!